VeChain’s Rally Is Only Just the Beginning, Major News Expected

  • VTHO surges 100%, VET climbs 30%, sparking excitement in the VeChain community.
  • Anticipation grows for major announcements, potential tokenomics change, and a $0.50 value.
  • Busy week with partnerships and CEO Sunny Lu’s MWC2024 speech amplifies VeChain’s prominence.

In a remarkable surge, VeChain experiences a surge in both native tokens, with VeThor (VTHO) skyrocketing by over 100% in 24 hours and VET climbing 30%. The VeChain community anticipates a promising bull cycle.

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The community buzzes with expectations of major announcements in the coming month, potentially propelling VET and VTHO prices to new heights. Speculation arises about a tokenomics change, with investors eagerly awaiting details from CEO Sunny Lu.

Community members believe an imminent announcement could drive VeChain’s value to $0.50, anticipating a transformative move. Major partnerships, including the Walmart collaboration, contribute to the recent price hike.

Amid a busy week for VeChain, from the upcoming MWC2024 in Spain to the renewed partnership between Renji Hospital and DNV, the blockchain garners attention. Analysts attribute VET’s upward trend to the ripple effects of Bitcoin’s performance and the anticipation surrounding MWC2024.

VeChain‘s CEO Sunny Lu is set to speak at MWC2024 alongside Nobel Laureate Sir Konstantin. While the speech’s topic remains unknown, expectations in the crypto community point toward supply chain advancements or unexpected revelations.

VeChain’s mission involves leveraging Web3 technology for individual participation in fostering sustainability. Redefining the norm, they aim to turn daily actions into collective value. The community eagerly anticipates the outcomes of this impactful mission.

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