Twitter Invaded by Swarm of Fake CryptoGPT Accounts

  1. The crypto Twitter space was shaken by the emergence of dozens of fake accounts.
  2. The fake accounts all claim to represent CryptoGPT.
  3. Some even help campaigns for fake giveaways.

The Twitter crypto space is alive once again. This time crypto and AI enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement and befuddlement alike. It all has to do with the trending hashtag ‘CryptoGPT’ pertaining to the AI and crypto-related Web3 project.

In detail, the Twitter hashtag related to a supposed AI crypto token called ‘CryptoGPT’ has gained traction, with many newly created Twitter accounts using the same name. Some of these accounts have been promoting fake giveaways.

However, it seems that none of these accounts are directly related to ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot. Some exchanges, including Bitfinex, will reportedly list the GPT token, but blockchain analytics firm PeckShield previously warned about dozens of alleged ‘pump & dump’ tokens claiming to be associated with ChatGPT and Bing AI.

Specifically, the CryptoGPT project is a layer-2 ecosystem that uses zkRollup technology. It is believed to enable users to monetize their data through blockchain with AI, based on Ethereum, and scaling with a zero-knowledge rollup layer-2 network. 

Moreso, the project is likely the first successful attempt at merging blockchain and AI technology. Above all, the project is hoping to decentralize the trillion-dollar wealth of the AI and data market.

Ultimately, the project aims to attract developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) on its blockchain, with GPT tokens offered as payment for the anonymous user data generated from using these DApps. 

Much like the popular website of AI brilliance, ChatGPT, CryptoGPT is set to cater to the mass retail sector. Thus, this project is hoping to give the masses a fair shot at attaining financial freedom and financial independence. 

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