Fake OpenSea Phishing Site Takes Everything From ETH Hodler

Fake OpenSea Phishing Site Takes Everything From ETH Hodler
  • An ETH hodler lost all their assets due to a fake OpenSea phishing site. 
  • The hackers got away with $40,000 – $45,000 in digital assets. 
  • The victim posts a thread explaining how this happened.

In a horrifying stroke of misfortune, a longtime hodler of ETH and multiple other assets, lost most of their digital fortune. Specifically, the user lost between $40,000 – $45,000 worth of ETH and other assets. 

In detail, the hodler shares the woeful tale through a detailed thread on their Twitter account. The user, known as JB (schlig), walks readers through what they said is ‘easily the worst day of their life’. 

JB says hackers got into their OpenSea account. In particular, this account held some high-end assets. These include BoredApe Yacht Club, Metakey, and Bored Punk Yacht Club, to name a few. Over a long few months, JB amassed a massive collection of these digital assets. However, with one deceiving link, JB lost almost everything. 

He starts with the bane of his problem — a cleverly hidden phishing scam. The thread mentioned how JB found what seems to be the usual OpenSea website they’d log on to every day. A quick Google search shows the OpenSea link, the link even got a green light from the cybersecurity platform — Bitdefender

Hence, JB saw no problem in clicking the link and being transported to what seemed to be the right OpenSea and MetaMask pages. Seeing the usual screen, JB logged into their account. Just mere minutes after this JB receives Discord notifications asking what happened. 

In response, JB checked their OpesSea account and saw that all 4 of the apes were gone along with their MetaKey edition 3. Before even thinking of reacting, the hackers also took 99% of JB’s ETH as well as the $SAND in their MetaMask wallet. 

Ultimately, JB only managed to save a Bored Punk Yacht Club asset, a piece of land from The Sandbox, $200 USD, and a few NFT’s that they sent to their friend’s wallets. Hoping to make up for the loss, JB tried contacting Google, Google Ads, Bitdefender, MetaMask Support, MetaMask, and OpenSea. 

Much to their dismay, none of these entities could help. JB went on to make the Twitter thread so no other hodler would ever have to go through this loss, and urges readers to spread the word. 

They stress on how much of a nuisance these phishing sites are turning out to be. They even shared the hacked account’s Etherscan page for all to see the evidence. Finally, JB concludes by thanking the community for all their support. They then share a picture of their new OpenSea account, one that states ‘Lost it all. Coming back even stronger’.

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