Top P2E NFT Games That Can Give You $200 a Day! Try it


No matter what the market conditions are, play-to-earn (P2E) games remain innovative. Players in some of these play-to-earn games are able to earn a living across the globe. Thanks to blockchain technology, a new generation of gaming are possible.

A play-to-earn game is similar to a virtual economy. They have their own digital tokens based on a variety of public chains, including SOL, BSC, XSC, ETH, and MATIC. As players progress in the game, they earn digital assets. The more time the user spends playing the game, the more cryptocurrencies and NFTs they may be able to earn. 

The number of NFTs and play-to-earn metaverse games available today are increasing, and more are currently being developed. In spite of this, finding the best P2E game might be challenging if you’re new to cryptocurrencies. 

We’ve got you covered. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of NFTs and play-to-earn metaverse games. Also included are a few of the top play-to-earn games dominating the metaverse gaming scene. 

Play-to-earn games are a business model that utilizes blockchain technology in the cryptocurrency industry. Gamers can earn cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs that have real-world values.

P2E blockchain games enable players to own unique assets using NFT and blockchain technology instead of company-owned skins, weapons, and characters in traditional games. Simply put, P2E players can do whatever they wish with their NFTs and cryptocurrencies. 

Coins and tokens earned in P2E games can be transferred between cryptocurrency wallets. You can then convert it into fiat currency or stake it to earn more rewards. Alternatively, NFTs can be sold to other players via marketplaces or in-house platforms. 

NFT games with the highest earning potential (Based on popularity):

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular play-to-earn blockchain games, Axie Infinity involves breeding, collecting, and battling NFT creatures called Axies. Each Axie has its own abilities and can be customized depending on the player’s strategy.

Players battle other players with their Axies to earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens, which can be used to breed Axies and traded on crypto exchanges.

Axie Infinity was developed by a Vietnamese company named Sky Mavis and is backed and sponsored by big companies like Ubisoft and Samsung. There’s a lot of people playing the game, including in countries like the Philippines and Venezuela, where they can make a decent living off cryptocurrency rewards.

Plant Vs. Undead

Play-to-earn game Plant Vs. Undead uses Binance Smart Chain technology. The game is a tower defense multiplayer game in which players earn Light Energy (LE), an in-game currency. Moreover, these light tokens are convertible into Plant vs. Undead Tokens (PVU), a cryptocurrency that can be traded on many centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Gods Unchained

With Gods Unchained, players can earn and collect cards using the Ethereum blockchain. It is a free-to-play game that requires players only to connect their Ethereum wallets. It is a collectible and trading card game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Players do not have to make a monetary investment to play the game.  

In the arena, two players battle to determine who is the most powerful. A winner will be the one who reduces the opponent’s God’s health to zero. They will receive the native Ethereum ERC-20 token GODS as a reward. Players can use these tokens to purchase various types of in-game cards.


On the Polygon blockchain, Pegaxy is a P2P horse racing game in which players can breed, race, and rent their horses to other players. 

Players and developers are not able to influence the outcome of the race. Positions are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Winners earn VIS tokens, the in-game currency.


In the cryptocurrency space, play-to-earn games have become the hottest trend. While there are countless P2E games out there today, it’s always a good idea to do your own research to identify promising P2E games that can survive the competitive nature of the market.

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