PayPal Joins the TRUST Network at Coinbase

Crypto firms take action on the rules regarding the transportation of digital assets. Other exchanges have also collaborated with the TRUST network. PayPal launched cryptocurrency trading in October 2020. With the addition of the crypto-oriented digital payments behemoth Paypal to the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) network, a number of well-known crypto companies have taken steps to abide by the travel regulations for digital assets. PayPal will endeavor to improve adherence to the so-called Travel Rule, which the Bank Secrecy Act mandates of US financial institutions, together with the rest of the TRUST network. When consumers make transactions totaling Unfazed Over Singapore Crackdown on Crypto to Comply with Travel Rule by Integrating with TRUST announced integration with Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) in a tweet. The integration marks a milestone for the company to work towards complying with Travel Rule requirements. Several users who commented on the tweet were upset about the services that provides. Singapore-based crypto exchange announced its integration with the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST), a Travel Rule adherence solution for global cryptocurrency organizations. According to the news blog from, the integration symbolizes a breakthrough for the company as they plan to act in accordance with the industry-standard Travel Rule requirements authorized globally. TRUST is