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Real Estate vs Bitcoin: A Shift in Investment Strategy

he investment world is at a crossroads: Bitcoin’s soaring value challenges traditional real estate’s appeal. Will real estate investors stick to the familiar or pivot to the high-return potential of Bitcoin? #BitcoinVsRealEstate #InvestmentStrategy

Real Estate Property Sold for 3 BTC in Portugal
Real Estate Property Sold for 3 BTC in Portugal

A person has bought an apartment in Portugal for 3 bitcoins without conversion to euros. The sale came after new regulation that allows real estate transactions with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin purchases in the country are not subject to income tax. A person has purchased an apartment in the Portuguese city of Braga using Bitcoin. Specifically, the person bought the property directly with bitcoins without converting it to fiat money. According to local media reports, the transaction is the first purchase using cryptocurrency in the real estate market in the country. The three-room, two-bedroom apartment would have been evaluated at around 110,000