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Biden’s Bill Will Hinder Crypto Activities
Biden’s Bill Will Hinder Crypto Activities Within The USA

Biden’s infrastructure bill comes with a new cryptocurrency surveillance provision.  The EFF says that this bill will make things a lot harder for crypto activities in the country.  It lists out 6 solid reasons on how the bill does so. The USA has always been a land brimming with potential and opportunity. It is a place where people from all over the world gravitate to fulfill their dreams. Naturally, the country must work towards living up to this name. A great way to do that is to accommodate the world’s latest trends and technologies.  For instance, the people of America

Crypto Market Bleeds
Crypto Market Bleeds as President Biden Proposes Increase Tax Rate

The crypto market bled as the US President Joe Biden proposes to increase the tax rate. Top crypto suffered more than -10% market decline. The crypto market once again is now experiencing a massive market bloodbath. Specifically, the market decline begins after the statement of US President Joe Biden regarding tax rates. As per Biden, he will propose a capital gains tax rate for wealthy individuals to almost 40%. Indeed, this caused panic that shook the world economy, including the crypt market. This made crypto enthusiast Anand Chennai2London react: Recently, the market capitalization of the whole crypto market in CoinGecko