Binance Receives Approval to Operate in Kazakhstan

Agencies in Kazakhstan have taken down a number of bitcoin mining equipment. The AFSA granted Binance an in-principle authorization. Binance announced that it had received clearance. Several cryptocurrency mining rigs have been taken down by Kazakh law authorities. The government was compelled to investigate due to the rapid increase in mining activities. The nation has been working hard to stop cryptocurrency-related fraud. In the middle of this, it chose to annex the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The Astana Financial Services Authority [AFSA] granted Binance an in-principle authorization to conduct business in Kazakhstan, according to a statement. Changpeng Zhao,

Kazakhstan President Imposes Bill for Higher Tax Rates on Crypto Miners
Kazakhstan President Imposes Bill for Higher Tax Rates on Crypto Miners

The President of Kazakhstan has signed a bill that raises tax rates on crypto miners. Tax rate will depend on the amount of electricity used by the miners. The government states that the tax will reduce the power load. As per reports, the president of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has signed a bill to impose a high tax rate on crypto miners. In a recent Tweet by Wu Blockchain, this will depend on the amount of electrical energy that the cryptocurrency miners will be using. The tax will be charged on the average use of energy consumption, which will further be