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India Introduces 30% Tax Income on and Digital Asset Sales
India Introduces 30% Tax Income on and Digital Asset Sales

India announces 30% tax on income made from digital asset sales.  By April, the country plans on introducing the digital Rupee.  FM Sitharaman has begun to pave a path for the legal use of digital assets in India. According to the Budget 2022 Updates, FM Sitharaman proposes a tax income via the Union Budget 2022 Cryptocurrency Taxation highlight. To specify, the FM is proposing the generation of tax from the sale of any digital asset.  In detail, this tax will likely take place without any deductions. In particular, FM Sitharaman seems to be aligning with the thought that this step

Narendra modi backs crypto in india
India PM Narendra Modi Mentions Crypto. Adoption Soon?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a keynote address at the inaugural Sydney Dialogue. PM Modi mentioned cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, fueling speculations of crypto adoption. Previously, India withdrew its plans to ban cryptocurrency. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently delivered a keynote address at the Sydney Dialogue. During his keynote address, PM Modi discussed the massive digital infrastructure that they are building in the country. PM Modi also mentioned cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. In another tweet, he urged other countries to work together to ensure that cryptocurrencies are utilized for good and that they do not “end up in the wrong hands”.