Gala Games Accused of 'The Orbs' Rug Pull
Gala Games Accused of ‘The Orbs’ Rug Pull

Gala Games is being accused of scamming people. The alleged rug pull is related to The Orbs NFT drop by musician BT. 888 claimed the allegations are false. Gala Games is under fire for allegedly concocting an elaborate plan to scam people. According to accusations, Gala Games rug pulled “The Orbs” NFT drop, causing people to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of Ethereum (ETH). The NFT drop in question was in partnership between Gala Games and influencer @crypto888crypto, otherwise known simply as “888”. The two entities teamed up to provide an avenue for Grammy-award nominee musician BT. As

Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki Form Alpha Doggz on Gala Music
Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki Form Alpha Doggz on Gala Music

Snoop Dogg & Steve Aoki formed a new group Alpha Doggz. The new group disclosed the premiere of two songs this week. Gala Music will release the remaining songs on May 23. Gala Games, in partnership with Death Row Records, will release in public a project from Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki this coming May 23.  Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and electro-dance music DJ Steve Aoki have partnered to create new group Alpha Doggz & announced their debut EP titled ‘Da Da’. Last February, Gala Games launched its Web 3.0-inspired music platform — Gala Music and introduced the “Listen-to-Earn” concept.

Gala Games and Endless AI Launched ‘Living’ Fuzzles NFTs
Gala Games, Endless AI Launch ‘Living’ Fuzzles NFTs

Gala Games announced a partnership with Endless AI to launch first-of-its-kind ‘living’ Fuzzles NFTs. Fuzzles is equipped with Language Processing AI that enables owners to speak with their collection. Owning the NFT will provide access to special community events, earn rewards, and unlock in-app gameplay in the future. Gala Games, creator of blockchain games, has partnered with Endless AI to launch Fuzzle — a first-of-its-kind “living” NFT. The company aims to revolutionize AI and blockchain gaming via an innovative collective entertainment experience. Endless AI is a tech-driven company that creates products that fuse AI-enabled interactivity and blockchain technology for the

Gala Games Partners With Snoop Dogg, Launches Web3 Music Platform
Gala Games Partners With Snoop Dogg, Launches Web3 Music Platform

Gala Games has launched its own Web 3.0-inspired music platform named Gala Music. Music icon Snoop Dogg launched his new album on Gala Music. Steve Aoki graced Gala Music’s launching event. Gala Games has recently partnered with music icon Snoop Dogg. Through the partnership, they have launched a Web 3.0-focused music platform named Gala Music. According to the announcement, Gala Music will become the “first decentralized record company.” Aside from a Web 3.0-inspired music store, Gala Music is also introducing its “Listen-to-Earn” concept.  Specifically, Snoop Dogg launched a new album named “Bacc on Death Row” (BODR). Fans can purchase the

Gala Price Prediction: Will GALA Reach $5 Soon?

Bullish Gala price prediction may reach $5 GALA may reach the bullish price of $1 in no time This Gala (GALA) price prediction article is purely based on the opinion of CNL alone. In this article, you will see and learn the analysis we have considered in this Gala price prediction. Gala (GALA) is one of the most solid blockchain networks in the space nowadays. In the past 12 months, Gala was able to record a growth rate of over +40,000%. This outstanding performance enabled the crypto to attract the attention of investors inside and outside the crypto space.  Can