eBay's Digital Wallet Reveal Reopens Crypto Case
eBay’s Digital Wallet Reveal Reopens Crypto Case

eBay launched its digital wallet service during Investor Day. eBay is looking to become a marketplace for new generation NFT consumers. The e-commerce site started allowing NFT sales last year. eBay recently concluded its Investor Day 2022, in which the company revealed its retail plan for the long term. According to the retail marketplace’s press release, people can expect a “tech-based reimagination of eBay”. CEO Jamie Iannone shared that they have been looking for a possibility of adding cryptocurrencies as means of payment. However, the speakers at the said event did not provide any concrete information. Specifically, eBay has yet

Twitter Abuzz About eBay Offering Crypto Payments Soon
Twitter Abuzz About eBay Offering Crypto Payments Soon

Many corporations are slowly offering crypto payments on their platforms.  eBay could be the next one.  The CEO of eBay says they will delve deep and consider possibilities. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, more and more corporations are considering adding crypto as a payment option to their businesses. The latest of these businesses could be eBay.  In detail, eBay’s CEO Jamie Iannone says the website isn’t accepting crypto payments at the moment. However, he says it does open up a new form of payment. It seems the CEO is considering the possibilities of crypto payments on the