WalletConnect Limits Service in Russia Amid Regulatory Guidance

Recent regulatory guidance has prompted WalletConnect to limit its services in Russia. With a brief hiccup in Ukraine that saw a swift resolution, it’s clear that the balance between tech innovation and global regulations remains a tightrope walk. πŸŒπŸ”’ #WalletConnectUpdates #CryptoRegulationMatters.

South Korea’s Police Agency Strengthens Crypto Crime Crackdown

Social Media Post: 🚨 South Korea’s National Police Agency ramps up the fight against crypto crime! πŸš” They’re expanding oversight to global exchanges and implementing a new system to reinforce regulatory measures. A safer crypto landscape is on the horizon! πŸ’ͺ #cryptocrime #regulation

Russia’s Federal Tax Service to Regulate Cryptocurrency Industry

Russia’s cryptocurrency industry will be primarily regulated by the Federal Tax Service, according to the country’s Deputy Minister of Finance. Also involved in this regulatory framework will be the Federal Financial Supervisory Service and the Central Bank. Stay updated with us for more on this developing story! #CryptoRegulation #Russia #CryptoNews