South Korea Slaps Hefty Gift Tax on Crypto Airdrops

South Korea will implement a gift tax of crypto assets such as airdrops.  These gift tax laws will come into play this fiscal year.  Those subject to the gift tax must file for a gift tax return within the designated time period. According to a Reddit post that translated a news article from South Korea, it seems the nation has pushed another tax on crypto assets. In particular the South Korean government is imposing a 10%-50% gift tax on free transferable cryptos including airdrops.  Specifically, the tax was called for by the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance. They

Theta to Airdrop NFT Liquidity Mining Token TDROP
Theta to Airdrop NFT Liquidity Mining Token TDROP

Theta Network will airdrop NFT liquidity mining token TDROP on February 1. TDROP has a maximum supply of 20 billion tokens. Also, TDROP tokens will help incentive purchases on ThetaDrop NFT marketplace. Theta Network will airdrop an NFT liquidity mining token, TDROP, on February 1, 2022. Notably, Theta plans to limit TDROP distribution to Theta stakers. In addition, Theta will use the token as a reward for validators and guardians. To clarify, TDROP is an TNT-20 token built on the Theta blockchain. Theta will also use TDROP for decentralized governance through staking. As such, TDROP will be a central incentive