Sui CTO Sam Blackshear Criticizes Aptos Network Team

  1. Sui CTO Sam Blackshear Criticizes Aptos Network At MoveConLive.
  2. Blackshear stresses that Move is a multi-chain language.
  3. Sui Foundation was taken off the list by Aptos Network.

Sam Blackshear, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Sui Network, has surprised the industry by criticizing Aptos Network for forcing Pontem Network into eliminating notable speakers and organizations from the next MoveConLive event.

The community runs a conference called MoveConLive to promote the Move programming language, created by Facebook’s Diem Association and independent of any particular blockchain. Blackshear lamented Aptos Network on Twitter for allegedly exerting pressure on Pontem Network to oust Tylor Nowacki, Damir Khamidullin, and Shayan Sanjideh as speakers at the gathering.

Notably, Aptos Network removed the Sui Foundation from the list of cooperating organizations. Blackshear, Nowacki, and Khamidullin are “Move OGs” who made essential contributions to the Move language’s development and had much to share with the community at the conference. 

In addition, Blackshear stressed that Move is a multi-chain language owned by the community and that it is essential to be open-minded and interested in the knowledge and experience of everyone in the Move community. He urged people to “Advance peace and togetherness,” saying that a linguistic war is losing for everyone.

Furthermore, many Move community members have voiced support for Blackshear’s position in response to his criticism of Aptos Network’s behavior. Some people have even demanded that people not attend MoveConLive. Others have noted that there might be more to the tale, and it is essential to consider all viewpoints before concluding.

However, whether Aptos Network pressured Pontem Network to exclude speakers and organizations from the event is still being determined. MoveConLive organizers have yet to respond to inquiries about the situation. The significance of inclusivity and collaboration in the creation of blockchain programming languages like Move, however, has been highlighted by Blackshear’s remarks.

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