Shiba Inu millionaire rotates meme coin profits to competitor token priced at $0.11

Shiba Inu millionaire rotates meme coin profits to competitor token priced at $0.11

A crypto investor who reaped millions from the meteoric rise of Shiba Inu in 2021 is now pouring his profits into Retik Finance (RETIK), a new token with breakout potential currently priced at just $0.11. The trader’s story mirrors that of many others who hit the jackpot with Shiba Inu last year. He first came across Shiba Inu in early 2021 and was intrigued by the community’s vision to build an ecosystem that could challenge the top dog (pun intended), Dogecoin. As a self-proclaimed “Dogecoin Killer,” Shiba Inu sought to dethrone DOGE and become the preeminent meme coin.

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Cashing Out Shiba Inu For Life-Changing Wealth 

The trader invested $10,000 in Shiba Inu when it was trading at $0.0000007, just a tiny fraction of one cent. As the hype around the coin grew, especially among the Reddit and Discord crowd, the trader watched his investment balloon over the next few months. With life-changing wealth now realized, the trader allocated parts of the SHIB profits into blue-chip cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum as a foundational part of his portfolio. However, hoping to replicate his Shiba Inu-fueled success, he kept aside a portion for hunting the next hot coin.

Rotating Gains Into Retik Finance

Most recently, the trader came across Retik Finance (RETIK), a project aiming to push blockchain adoption mainstream through innovative applications for payments, lending, trading, and everyday transactions. 

Some key features that excite the trader include:

  • DeFi debit cards allow users to spend crypto balances anywhere major cards are accepted, including offline retail locations
  • An integrated crypto payment gateway to help merchants accept digital asset payments.
  • A non-custodial wallet that gives users full control of their funds across multiple chains
  • An AI lending platform that algorithmically optimizes lending opportunities  
  • Support for trading perpetual and options without needing to use an external exchange

With these solutions, Retik Finance bridges the gap between decentralized finance and the real world.

Taking Exposure Through Retik’s Presale 

Retik Finance is selling RETIK tokens directly to the public as part of an ongoing presale campaign prior to listings on exchanges. The presale is live on the Retik Finance official website and organized in stages, where the price of RETIK rises with each new stage. Over 15,000 investors have already participated in the presale, helping Retik raise $22 million so far. The current price sits at $0.11 per RETIK but will increase to $0.12 in stage 10. This tiered structure incentivizes early participation, as later stages will have higher token costs. The trader has already purchased RETIK in previous stages. And the more he researches Retik Finance’s offerings aligned with real-world crypto adoption, the more bullish he becomes on its upside potential.  

Analyzing Retik’s Moonshot Potential  

As an experienced crypto investor, the trader looks for several markers that hint at a project’s breakout viability early on:

  • Audits – Retik Finance has completed a comprehensive audit by Certik, establishing credibility regarding the platform’s security for users.
  • Listings – In addition to its presale, Retik has been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These listings drive discovery from investors scanning for new assets.
  • Community – As a merchandise project, an enthusiastic community acts as free marketing, bolstering awareness and usage. Retik’s following grows daily across social platforms.

So far, this trader has invested over $50,000 in Retik Finance (RETIK). Stage 9 of the presale is nearly sold out. Stage 10 will be the final stage before RETIK is launched on exchanges. Post-listing analysts predict over 1000% ROI for early backers. 

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