SBF Reveals Dark Donations to US Officials, FEC to Probe

SBF Had a Secret 'Back Door' to Transfer Billions: Report
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) complained SBF to the FEC
  • FTX illegally contributed millions of dollars to Republicans
  • Bitcoin YouTuber Tiffany Fong interviewed SBF

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) complained to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on December 8 about statements made by Bankman-Fried in an interview with Bitcoin YouTuber Tiffany Fong that was published on YouTube on November 29.

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CREW requests a probe into Sam Bankman-Fried’s political contributions, stating that the former CEO of FTX illegally contributed millions of dollars to Republicans.

CREW Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel Donald Sherman explained,

Taking him at his word, Bankman-Fried was able to direct at least $37 million to influence federal elections while evading federal laws that require disclosure of the true source of the contributions. The FEC needs to commence an immediate investigation into Sam Bankman-Fried.

Sherman added “Bankman-Fried said the quiet part out loud. He admitted that he violated federal laws designed to ensure Americans have transparency into those funding elections and now needs to be held accountable.”

By utilizing intermediaries and saying they were unaware of where the donations ended up, affluent donors frequently circumvent federal disclosure regulations using the Citizen United ruling. However, Bankman-Fried’s admission destroys this reasonable claim.

CREW has filed a formal complaint with the FEC, requesting an investigation and additional action, including a referral to the Department of Justice.

In other news, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried`s father, Stanford Law professor Joseph Bankman, has canceled the one class he was scheduled to teach this winter. As a result, neither of the FTX founder’s professor parents will be teaching at Stanford Law the following quarter.

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