Render Continues to Decentralize 3D AI With Esteemed Industry Leaders Alliance

  • Collaboration between Render, OTOY, Stability AI, and Endeavor advances decentralized 3D AI.
  • Focus on creator rights, democratized AI, and transparent development in partnership.
  • Emad Mostaque joins Render’s Advisory Board to standardize AI workflows.

Render Network, OTOY, Stability AI, and Endeavor join forces to pioneer decentralized infrastructure for advanced 3D AI, aiming to safeguard creator rights and foster innovation while mitigating risks associated with centralized AI dominance.

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Their collaboration, driven by a shared commitment to equitable benefits and ethical integrity, seeks to redefine the landscape of AI by democratizing access to powerful computing resources and promoting transparent, community-driven development.

Emad Mostaque, highlighting Render Network’s pivotal role as a creative industry conduit, emphasizes the transformative potential of decentralized AI in empowering creators. With a focus on leveraging GPU networks to democratize AI training and inference, the partnership aims to standardize IP rights, production workflows, and infrastructure for emerging AI technologies.

This groundbreaking initiative will see OTOY and Stability AI optimizing AI models for deployment on Render’s decentralized GPU network, enabling seamless integration into mainstream 3D software tools and facilitating scalable AI model development for media production workflows.

As Stability AI Founder Emad Mostaque joins Render Network’s Advisory Board alongside industry luminaries Ariel Emanuel and Beeple, the partnership signals a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI, underscoring a collective commitment to advancing responsible AI innovation while safeguarding creator rights and democratizing access to transformative technologies.

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