PUBG Creator Krafton Taps Solana for NFT Games

PUBG Creator Krafton Taps Solana for NFT Games
  • PUBG game creator is set to create games on the Solana blockchain.
  • Krafton and Solana Labs will develop NFT games and make investments together.
  • Other formidable traditional game developers are investing into crypto space.

Krafton, the creator of the massive franchise video game PUBG, signed an agreement with Solana Labs to mutually develop blockchain and NFT-based games to run on the Solana system. The developer said they are to hold their game-building experience in the web3 space.

The success of blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) games has sparked interest from well-known developers to make a move in the crypto space.

Solana is the ninth-largest blockchain in the world by market capital (about $30 billion). It permits developers to build highly adaptable applications, an attribute in which Krafton proceeded with today’s deal.

Meanwhile, Krafton is the company behind PUBG:Underground (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground). This is a popular battle royale franchise that has registered more than one billion downloads for android and mobile iOS, and 75 million downloads for its PC and related consoles. The free-to-play multiplayer game has its featured collectible items, an element that is aligned to NFTs.

Krafton’s agreement with Solana comes as a part of the developer’s interest in web3 technology. Earlier, Krafton moved into web3. Many anticipated this move as Krafton has been investing in and associating with several firms in the space.

In February, Krafton reportedly invested a total of $6.6 million in South Korean NFT marketplaces Seoul Auction Blue and XBYBLUE, along with the agreement to work and develop NFT-related projects.

Meanwhile, Krafton disclosed a deal with NAVER Z to develop an NFT and metaverse platform. NAVER Z is the firm that operates ZEPETO, a virtual world where users can interact with others on their own 3D avatars using AR technology that gathered more than 290 million users worldwide.

This year, major investors are keeping an eye on this growing popularity of P2E games. These award players with tokens by simply playing the game at the cost of minting or buying an NFT. Other established game developers like Zynga and Ubisoft are also moving into the space. At this moment, Ethereum-based Axie Infinity is the most successful crypto game. Specifically, it has more than $4 billion of NFT trading volume.

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