PlanB Drops Pearls of Wisdom: How to be a Millionaire

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  • Long-time crypto trader and investor — PlanB, shares the secrets to crypto trading. 
  • A PDF explaining the road to becoming a millionaire is shared on Twitter. 
  • The article made its way onto Reddit and other platforms for excited new traders.

The crypto space is rushing to collect free knowledge from long-time Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trader PlanB (@100trillionUSD). In detail, the long-time crypto investor shared a new article on Twitter. 

Specifically, the article is about the basics of quant investing (Quant Investing 101). The PDF of the article was shared on Twitter and eventually made its way to other popular crypto hubs like Reddit and more. 

Many see PlanB as a Bitcoin (BTC) influencer. At the moment, the trader has close to 2 million followers on Twitter. The article caught the attention of the crypto community and spread like wildfire. 

No doubt, the context and content of the article drew the attention of aspiring millionaires like moths to a flame. After all, any article that hints at giving away the secrets to becoming a millionaire via crypto investments would likely receive the same warm reception. 

To highlight, the article talks about how PlanB became a millionaire in the span of a decade with a very small investment in Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2011. In particular, the article points to significant signals on the Bitcoin (BTC) price charts that could have done the same for others. 

For instance, he says a $3.5 investment in 2011 turned into $5 million in 2022, and shares the charts that backed this premonition. In order to replicate this investment hike, PlanB shares a 4x leverage strategy that can be accomplished by watching monthly RSI. 

The main objective here should be to prioritize optimization over multiple periods on the Calmar ratio which will result in two possible trades. The first is, if RSI is above 90% in the last six months and drops below 65% then investors must sell. 

The other outcome is if RSI is below 50% in the last six months and jumps +2% from the low, then investors must either buy or hold. By following this trading rule, PlanB hypothesizes that in 8 transactions, one can turn their measly dollars into millions.  

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