OpenSea to Add Solana NFTs Support This April

OpenSea to Add Solana NFTs Support This April
  • OpenSea will add Solana support this April.
  • Solana would be the fourth blockchain network to support the OpenSea marketplace.
  • Solana-based metaverse project Portals expressed excitement regarding the OpenSea listing.

After a series of speculation and rumors, Opensea confirmed in a teaser video on Twitter with the caption “The best-kept secret in web3”,  that the company will be adding Solana (SOL) NFTs support this April.

According to data from DappRadar, Opensea remains the largest NFT marketplace. It has an all-time sales volume of $23.5 billion sold, as of today. This $23.5 billion sales volume came from 1,417,562 users with an average NFT price of $930.59 per NFT.

So far, OpenSea is supported by three blockchain networks which involve Ethereum, Klaytn, and Polygon. Solana (SOL) is going to be the fourth blockchain network to support the NFT marketplace. 

At press time, Solana (SOL) is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization with over $40.75B. It’s also the third-largest smart contract platform coin in terms of market valuation. SOL’s value increased 33.1% against the US dollar over the past week and a whopping 537% increase year-to-date.

Many anticipated the news, and rumors started spreading after a Solana promoter named bhaleyart tweeted in November 2021 about Phantom wallet support (a Solana-based wallet). Moreover, tech blogger Jan Manchun Wong shared leaks through a tweet.

Last week, @PrizemArtNft also showed more evidence that Opensea is adding Solana support soon. He shared a video on his Twitter while using his Phantom wallet that Opensea’s platform is asking for permission to access his wallet balance activity and request approval for transactions to his Solana account.

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