NSA Whistleblower Admits to Using Bitcoin to Leak Docs

NSA Whistleblower Admits to Using Bitcoin to Leak Docs
  • Former NSA agent and whistleblower Edward Snowden used Bitcoin as a fee to servers.
  • Snowden revealed highly classified documents that show how the NSA was performing unconstitutional mass surveillance.
  • At the moment, Snowden is charged with multiple criminal charges due to his whistleblowing.

Former agent of the National Service Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden admitted that he used Bitcoin back in 2013. Specifically, this was when Snowden revealed highly confidential documents that show how the NSA performed an unconstitutional mass surveillance.

According to Snowden’s tweet, his legendary disclosure of NSA’s unconstitutional activities succeeded because he paid for the servers using bitcoins. At the time of writing, he did not disclose additional details regarding the alleged act.

Snowden is an American computer scientist who once worked for the NSA, which is the intelligence arm of the US. In May 2013, he traveled to Hong Kong to reveal highly classified documents showing how the NSA was involved in illegal surveillance activities.

Consequently, the US has charged Snowden with theft of government property and further charges under the country’s 1917 Espionage Act. These charges collectively amount to 30 years of prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Snowden half-jokingly said that he did not write the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Snowden appears to have made the comment for the sake of argument. Currently, Bitcoin price is at $56,319.09, according to CoinGecko. 

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