Moonbirds NFTs Top 24H Trade Volume at 21.5K ETH

Moonbirds NFTs Top 24H Trade Volume at 21.5K ETH
  • Moonbirds NFT topped the 24-hour trade volume, according to Coingecko.
  • The new NFT project has surpassed the trade volume of Meebits and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs
  • A total of 6,920 addresses hold at least one Moonbird. 

Coingecko revealed in a tweet the most popular NFTs in the past 24 hours. Among them, recently-launched NFT project Moonbirds topped with over 21,530.34 ETH (over $62.3 million at the time of writing).

According to data revealed by CoinGecko, the Moonbirds NFT project has a market capitalization of 199,439 ETH ($577 million) and ranked 13th overall in terms of market value. In addition, the floor price of Moonbirds NFTs is currently at 19.99 ETH ($57,881.84), almost eight times more than its initial mint price of 2.5 ETH ($7238.85), which started on April 16th.

At the time of publication, the NFT project has led in terms of trading volume in the seven-day time period. Which means that the trade volume dominance of the Moonbird NFTs has surpassed beyond the 24-hour time frame. Based on the data, Moonbirds also accomplished to surpass the weekly trade volume of other popular NFT projects, including Meebits, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and CryptoPunks.

Moonbirds is a PFP collection by PROOF. PFP stands for Profile Pics — these NFTs usually function as profile pictures on social media sites. Up to 10,000 utility-enabled birds will exist, with each having a private club membership privilege including access to a private Discord server, exclusive Moonbird-related drops, parliament meetups, access to future projects, and the PROOF metaverse. 

A new way of staking, they call “nesting,” has debuted to reward long-term holders. Nesting allows owners to accumulate additional benefits; which include new tier levels and upgraded nests. Moonbird’s traits with a “nesting” period of one year will obtain rarer traits than newly-purchased ones.

The Allowslist Raffle that ended April 10 has released 7,875 Moonbirds. The additional 2,000 Moonbirds will be reserved for the PROOF Collective members and the rest will be in the treasury. The 10,000 Moonbirds were already minted and 6,920 addresses hold at least one NFT.

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