Major Entities Flock to Join Ripple After Latest XRP vs SEC Victory

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  • SEC’s appeal denial fuels Ripple and XRP’s legal victory and price surge.
  • Ripple’s legal win attracts major banks for cross-border payment partnerships.
  • The XRP community celebrates as Ripple’s comeback gathers momentum.

The latest XRP victory came recently in the form of the SEC’s appeal being denied. This move marked yet another victory for Ripple and XRP. The initial triumph came when XRP was declared not a security.

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When the initial victory came in, a surge in XRP’s price was also reflected in the crypto market. Now, with this latest legal victory, XRP holders worldwide are celebrating and eagerly anticipating another price surge.

In the eyes of the XRP Army, this price surge is inevitable and it is only a matter of time. Now, it seems other entities and organizations are coming to the same conclusion. Specifically, with regulatory uncertainty gone, Ripple is hearing back from more and more institutions who are hoping to join the Ripple network

To highlight, one such noteworthy example comes from Paul Zalai, the Director of FTA in Australia. As we see from the post above, he reveals that Ripple had approached a group of major bank representatives to explain their offerings. 

Back then, due to the ongoing court case, these discussions were put on hold. Now that the case has concluded with the SEC’s appeal being denied, these entities are eager to reignite their partnerships with Ripple.

Clearly, the resolution of the court case has injected renewed optimism into the Ripple community. As major banks express their readiness to explore partnerships that could revolutionize cross-border payments, the possibilities only expand. 

Indeed, the XRP community is thrilled to see their beloved project get the recognition it deserves. With more interested eyes turning to XRP, many new XRP price predictions have been popping up in the crypto sphere. 

Many are referring to what is to come as Ripple’s comeback. This term is generating significant excitement, with expectations running high for the crypto’s future prospects in the financial industry.

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