KuCoin Ventures and TON Foundation Join Forces to Boost TON Ecosystem

  • KuCoin Ventures and TON Foundation strike partnership to boost TON ecosystem development.
  • Grant for TON mini-apps allows KuCoin to support Web3 innovation, payments, and GameFi.
  • KuCoin and TON signal a new era in blockchain cooperation.

KuCoin Ventures and the TON Foundation have joined forces to propel the development of the TON ecosystem. KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of KuCoin Exchange, is set to provide a substantial grant to support the growth of the TON ecosystem. This partnership signifies a significant step toward collaboration between exchanges and public chains.

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The collaboration aims to allocate KuCoin Ventures’ support to five TON-based mini-apps, concentrating on payments or GameFi, pushing the boundaries of Web3 possibilities. The grant will fuel various initiatives within the TON ecosystem, including the Future3 Campus and the TON Bootcamp. It will contribute to innovative projects, research and development, community-building activities, and marketing initiatives to enhance awareness of the TON blockchain.

Ian W., Accelerator Head at TON Foundation, emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating, “Today’s partnership with KuCoin Ventures is an acceleration point in the momentum of mini-app development on The Open Network.” He highlighted the alignment of KuCoin Ventures’ efforts with TON’s vision for a more accessible and decentralized digital future.

Alicia Kao, Managing Director of KuCoin, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with the TON Foundation to support the growth and development of the TON ecosystem.” Kao believes in the immense potential of the TON blockchain to revolutionize the industry.

The strategic alliance reflects KuCoin’s commitment to contributing to the success of the TON blockchain and promoting further development in the crypto and blockchain industry through enhanced cooperation.

This partnership sets the stage for a new era of collaboration, exemplifying a fresh synergy between exchanges and the blockchain landscape. KuCoin Ventures and the TON Foundation anticipate that their joint effort will inspire similar ventures in the industry.

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