Impending Kaboom Awaits XRP Army, Analysts Explain What’s Next for the Asset, $9 Loading?

  • Crypto analysts rush to finger out when the market will pump following the dip.
  • Rising price analysis pops up, specifically in the XRP community.
  • Seasoned XRP analysts explain how this is a golden opportunity to accumulate.

Amid what’s looking like a market recovery, analysts are scrambling to figure out where crypto price charts will take us next. In particular, prominent crypto analysts are focusing on XRP. In particular, Egrag Crypto makes a claim.

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He says XRP is witnessing a significant market ‘Kaboom’, the 3rd kaboom specifically. Taking the XRP market cap as a focus, Egrag Crypto delves into technical indicators and market sentiments to predict the asset’s next move.

Adding to this comprehensive analysis are two other seasoned crypto traders, JD and Casi. Together their analysis spells a fortunate time for XRP. The first factor addresses a monthly time frame analysis. 

Here the interaction between XRP’s price action and the 21 EMA on the monthly timeframe reveals a period of consolidation. Yet, this is a bullish sign for the expected kaboom in XRP price value. The next factor explores XRP potential against BTC. 

This points to a bounce off a 7-year trendline showcasing a potential hidden bullish divergence, and a likely bullish cross of the MA line by the RSI. Put together, the factors collectively suggest a possible life-changing move for all XRP holders.

Lastly, the third factor is XRP’s strategic positioning amid volatility. Here, the analysts suggest emotional reactions from retail investors and seasoned traders will contribute to the asset’s strategic positioning.

In addition, Casi says that this is a time to hold or accumulate. Specifically for those traders who bout the top, this is a golden opportunity to accumulate lows and averaging your entry. She advises to accumulate every dip instead of complaining about top entries.

All in all, these analysts show incredible faith in the potential of a massive XRP bull run. This is nothing new for the XRP Army who have been holding for years to finally have their bullish outbreak. Is now finally the time to see XRP price at $9, $13, $27 or even higher?

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