How 7 Crazy April Fool’s Jokes Nearly Fooled the Crypto World

  • BunkerCoin’s “shortwave radio” token with complex tech baffled many in the crypto community.
  • Vitalik Buterin’s “degen communism” sparked amusement with its chaotic ideology twist.
  • Bankless co-host’s shift to Solana Foundation amused enthusiasts with its subtle jabs at Ethereum.

Every year, the crypto industry experiences some crazy pranks on April Fool’s Day. From Vitalik Buterin touting “degen communism” to white papers proposing bizarre tokens, here are some of the wildest April Fool’s jokes that nearly fooled Crypto  this year:

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1. BunkerCoin’s Radio Waves

Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana’s CEO, introduced BunkerCoin, a token supposedly transmitted via shortwave radio channels. Packed with buzzwords, the joke left many scratching their heads.

2. Vitalik’s “Degen Communism”

 Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin coined “degen communism” as the ideal political philosophy for crypto. With chaotic rules aligned with common good, it’s a playful jab at memecoins.

3. Bankless Co-host’s Switch

 Ethereum maximalist David Hoffman joked about joining Solana, sparking laughter in the community. His role as “VP of Decentralization” teased Ethereum’s critics.

4. BitMEX’s GBTC Outflow

BitMEX Research fooled many with a post claiming Grayscale Bitcoin Trust had zero outflows. The prank garnered attention before the truth emerged.

5. juiceBox’s Fake Funding

 juiceBox’s $69 million funding prank caused a stir, leading to a surge and subsequent drop in token price. The delayed clarification left users frustrated.

6. Tom Emmer’s Crypto Posts

 Tom Emmer’s praise for Gary Gensler and the SEC, followed by “April Fools”, entertained many. His playful jabs at regulatory bodies added humor to the day.

7. Waves’ AI Chain

Waves’ founder joked about rebranding as an AI Chain and merging with GPT. The announcement caused a price surge, highlighting the community’s appetite for fun.

In 2024, these jokes brought laughter and amusement to the crypto industry, showcasing its vibrant and playful spirit. April Fool’s Day in the crypto industry isn’t just about pranks; it’s a testament to the community’s creativity and sense of humor. These jokes, while lighthearted, add to the industry’s dynamic nature, fostering camaraderie and making even the most serious topics enjoyable.

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