Grayscale Advocates for Ethereum ETF Approval Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny

  • Grayscale’s Craig Salm advocates for Ethereum ETF approval amid regulatory scrutiny.
  • Salm highlights SEC engagement parallels between Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Grayscale emphasizes investor access and regulatory compliance for Ethereum ETFs.

Craig Salm, Chief Legal Officer at Grayscale, voices support for spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), emphasizing the parallels between Ethereum and Bitcoin ETF approval processes.

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Despite concerns about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) engagement, Salm remains optimistic about the prospects for Ethereum ETFs. Salm addresses recent discussions surrounding Ethereum ETFs, expressing confidence in their potential approval and highlighting the importance of regulatory engagement.

Drawing from the experience with Bitcoin ETF approval, Salm notes positive interactions with the SEC, where detailed discussions resolved various operational aspects. He asserts that similar considerations apply to Ethereum ETFs.

Salm underscores the similarities between Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF structures, emphasizing that regulatory concerns have largely been addressed in previous engagements.

While acknowledging the uncertainty leading up to final approval dates, Salm remains optimistic, suggesting that a perceived lack of regulatory engagement shouldn’t dictate outcomes.

Salm echoes sentiments from industry experts, advocating for Ethereum ETF approval based on consistency with ETH futures ETFs and the classification of Ethereum futures as commodity futures.

Lastly, Grayscale reaffirms its commitment to Ethereum ETFs, asserting investor demand for diversified exposure. Salm expresses readiness to engage with regulatory authorities to facilitate the approval process.

In response to queries about recent controversies such as ETHGate and concerns about fees, Grayscale maintains its focus on regulatory compliance and investor interests, signaling a commitment to navigating regulatory challenges while prioritizing transparency and accessibility for investors.

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