Genesis Begins Billions in Crypto Repayments: Will Markets Feel the Ripple?

  • Genesis Global gets court approval to repay billions in crypto to creditors, following FTX’s similar recent move.
  • Genesis creditors may recover up to 77% of their funds, surpassing potential recovery if DCG’s objections were upheld.
  • Settlement with NY Attorney General ensures assets return to Gemini Earn customers, not state authorities.

Genesis Global, a bitcoin lending company, has gained court clearance to pay out billions of dollars in cryptocurrency to its debtors. This permission comes after the FTX exchange made a similar statement earlier this month. 

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Judge Sean Lane gave Genesis’s Chapter 11 repayment plan his approval on May 17, enabling the business to begin releasing frozen client assets as of November 2022. The creditors of Genesis will get payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rather than US dollars.

Genesis’ parent business, Digital Currency Group (DCG), suffered a setback when Judge Lane denied its submissions to the court. DCG, as an equity holder, had no legal grounds to challenge the Chapter 11 plan. The judge underlined that the interests of DCG were subordinated to those of creditors. 

According to Genesis’ plan, creditors who previously invested their bitcoins will receive up to 77% of their funds back. This recovery rate is far higher than what would have been conceivable in the event that DCG’s objections had been granted. Creditors, notably Gemini Earn program customers, strongly supported the repayment arrangement.

With the Chapter 11 repayment plan approved by the court, Genesis can get much closer to ending its bankruptcy lawsuits. This development brings some relief to its creditors. The corporation is currently focusing on implementing the repayment plan and ensuring that creditors receive the promised assets. This circumstance raises concerns about the bitcoin market seeing selling pressure when assets get handed back to creditors.

Ultimately, Genesis Global’s court-approved repayment plan is an important first step in resolving its bankruptcy. Repayment of creditors in bitcoin is a decision that emphasizes how financial recovery in the digital era is changing. This decision, while helpful to creditors, may have larger consequences for the Bitcoin market as it reacts to the influx of returned assets. 

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