Gemini Is Giving Away Free 4K XRP to Customers Every Day Until August 18

Ripple's Increased XRP Sales Spark Concerns, but Market Performance Remains Strong
  1. Gemini is giving away free XRP to eligible customers via a crypto faucet.
  2. Up to 4,000 XRP are being given away for free, although customers can only claim 20 XRP per day.
  3. The XRP faucet will last until August 18 as this is only part of Gemini’s XRP relisting celebration.

Although crypto exchange Gemini has taken its time before relisting XRP, it is compensating its customers by giving away free XRP.

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According to an announcement, Gemini is opening its XRP faucet to all eligible customers across all 50 states in the US. Up to 4,000 XRP are being given out by Gemini to customers every day until August 18.

To claim, customers need only be 18 and above and must reside in one of the 50 states in the US. Of course, this can only be verified if the customer has undergone Gemini’s Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

Up to 20 XRP can be claimed by one customer every day by simply inputting his email address linked to his Gemini account. Full terms and conditions about the XRP faucet can be found here.

Gemini was behind the pack in terms of relisting XRP after Judge Analisa Torres ruled out XRP as a security by itself, granting Ripple a partial victory over the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month. XRP holders were jubilant with the decision, alongside other crypto supporters.

Interestingly, Gemini’s relisting of XRP triggered some price fluctuations. At one time, the price of XRP rose to $1.66 on the exchange. What is more, one unidentified person sold his XRP for $50 which, interestingly, another trader bought.

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