Floki Achieves Record $105 Million Staking TVL Milestone

  • Floki achieves $105M staking TVL milestone, locking 25% of total supply.
  • Floki stands out, being the sole major memecoin with extensive supply staked.
  • The Floki community expresses optimism as TVL reaches $235M, anticipating memecoin dominance.

In a groundbreaking development, FLOKI has just reached an all-time high Total Value Locked (TVL) in staking, hitting an impressive $105 million. This significant milestone represents a whopping 25% of the total FLOKI supply, with a total value of $105,313,899, securely locked and staked for durations extending up to four years.

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The project believes that what sets Floki apart is its distinction as the only major “memecoin” — considering contenders like DOGE, SHIB, BONK, and PEPE — with such an extensive portion of its supply actively staked. This achievement underscores a unique approach within the memecoin space, emphasizing a commitment to long-term value preservation.

The Floki community has responded with evident bullish sentiment, expressing confidence and optimism about the coin’s trajectory.

Noteworthy TVL figures include $113 million in the FlokiFi Locker and an additional $122 million from the FLOKI and TokenFi staking program. The cumulative TVL across all live Floki products stands at an impressive $235 million, emphasizing the growing popularity and utility of the memecoin.

As highlighted by one of the responses to the post, this achievement is a testament to the strong community trust and the commitment of Floki holders. The milestone not only signifies a shift in the memecoin space towards more substantive utility but also reflects a strategic move towards value preservation strategies.

With FlokiFi Locker recently surpassing the $100 million TVL milestone, the community anticipates a surge, aiming to secure what they believe is the rightful place for FLOKI at the pinnacle of the memecoin hierarchy. The collective optimism points towards a potential takeover by #FLOKI in the competitive memecoin landscape.

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