Ethereum Insider Raises Concerns and Draws More Attention to ETHGate

  • Ethereum insider, Steven Nerayoff claims Vitalik Buterin is ‘deleting history’ on Ethereum.
  • Buterin allegedly obtains a Montenegro passport amid insider’s exposure.
  • Nerayoff fuels ETHGate theories and hints at more bombshells in the unfolding saga.

In a recent revelation, Ethereum insider Steven Nerayoff has made serious accusations against Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. The allegations, posted on X (formerly Twitter), suggest that Buterin is attempting to “delete history” and maintain silence in the face of significant claims.

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Nerayoff’s claims center around Buterin’s actions on various platforms. He noted the deletion of Buterin’s private Facebook account and suggested that this could be an attempt to cover tracks. Nerayoff and Buterin were friends on Facebook, contrary to Buterin’s public statements about their limited interactions, as per the former Ethereum advisor.

Furthermore, Nerayoff hinted at rumors of Buterin deleting posts on the X platform and expressed concerns about Buterin “purging” Ethereum’s on-chain history. When questioned about potential data manipulation on the blockchain, Nerayoff controversially asserted that Ethereum is not a decentralized blockchain, likening it to a “database with a back door.”

The accusations escalate as Nerayoff implies that Buterin is taking legal precautions, allegedly obtaining a Montenegro passport, a country known for non-extradition policies. This move suggests a readiness to face potential legal challenges.

Nerayoff had previously claimed to expose certain individuals, including Buterin, whom he hinted might be involved in criminal activities. The Ethereum founder is portrayed as one of the subjects in Nerayoff’s exposure efforts.

In another post on X, Nerayoff teased that there is more to come, stating he still has “plenty of ammunition left.” He hinted at unrevealed revelations, claiming that the significant bombshells are yet to be unveiled.

This latest development follows Nerayoff’s legal battles with the Department of Justice (DOJ), where he faced extortion charges related to Ethereum. Despite pleading not guilty and charges being dropped in May last year, Nerayoff continues to make provocative statements, unveiling his side of the story and shedding light on Ethereum’s internal dynamics.

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