Do Kwon Must Surrender Passport, South Korea Seeks Justice

  • South Korea urges Do Kwon to surrender his passport. 
  • Recently, the nation issued a warrant for his arrest.
  • The crypto market is still recovering from the brutal Terra and LUNA collapse.

The hunt for the arrest of Do Kwon is still in hot pursuit. It looks like Do Kwon seems to be dodging service once again. The South Korean government is still trying to bring the CEO of Terraform Labs to justice. 

Presently, Do Kwon has been asked to return his passport to the South Korean government immediately. Do Kwon has yet to meet this demand. The demand came directly from a notice from the South Korean Foreign Ministry. 

As we can see from the tweet above, the notice clearly states a translated version of the original Korean notice. In detail, the disclosure is due to the inability to deliver a passport return order notice. 

To highlight, Do Kwon has received a ‘Notice of Order to Return Passport’. This is because Do Kwon has fallen under the Article 12 (1) No. 1 of the Passport Act. Being in this state will require him to return his passport immediately. Moreover, it also rejects his right to issue or reissue a new passport. 

The tweet above was posted by FatManTerra. This user is an active crypto and finance researcher. The user has dedicated themselves to track and provide updates on Twitter about all things Terra, as the explosive situation unfolds. 

Recently, the South Korean government issued a warrant for Do Kwon’s arrest. Many crypto fans and scorned LUNA and UST users made it very clear how much they wanted to see Do Kwon brought to justice. In fact, a whole Reddit post was discussing that they’d like to see him behind bars. 

The Terra and LUNA fiasco was a brutal affair which indefinitely hurt the crypto industry. So far, the crypto market is still struggling to make a recovery. Presently, it seems most of the crypto community is expecting a steady surge for all crypto prices.   

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