Crypto Market Signifies Steady and Greedy Recovery

Crypto Market Signifies Steady and Greedy Recovery
  • Crypto analysts believe the crypto market is heading towards a ‘clean-up’ phase. 
  • We will likely see the downfall of all shit projects and shit coins. 
  • In return, promising new projects will flourish instead.

The crypto market has been moving in a green, upward motion over the last few days. In particular, both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have had a decent surge in their prices since the past week. 

This led many crypto analysts to further study crypto charts in order to determine the possibility of reaching the bottom. After all, such news would be very welcome after the brutal crypto winter of the last few months. 

To highlight, one post on Reddit says that the crypto market is roughly at the bottom. However, the user also states that recovery could be a long one. In fact, the post says that a great ‘clean-up’ of crypto projects is underway. 

In turn, this ‘clean-up’ may likely lead to insurmountable opportunities. The post broadcasts one simple message — stay greedy and don’t be foolish. The post goes on to say that the market may linger by the bottom for another few weeks or months

Following that, it dives into possible outcomes that we may see soon. Firstly, it says that shit projects and shit coins will disappear. This is directly due to a prolonged down market. This is one of the greatest results of a ‘clean-up’. 

Secondly, good projects which include good tech, protocols, use-cases, teams, and communities will thrive. These may even include 100x projects, some even more, says the post. 

Lastly, the post says the final fruit from this ‘clean-up’, will reveal a few hidden-gems. There are projects that nobody have even heard of. Such hidden gems will turn into a massive force of nature within the blockchain space. 

The post then goes on to advise the crypto community. To begin, it says to stay away from shitcoins. Then, it says to be greedy on solid projects. Finally, it says to keep all eyes open whilst being careful not to follow just the word of influencers. 

The post concludes with encouraging the crypto community to hold nothing back. It says to hold, buy, promote, build, and most importantly, educate and contribute to the crypto world as a whole. 

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