Crypto and Bitcoin Is Approved by The Matrix’s ‘The One’

Bitcoin Hits 25K, Can Soar to 28K, Analyst Says
  • The star of the Matrix and John Wick, Keanu Reeves, likes the idea of cryptocurrencies.
  • He says digital independent currency will help us as a society. 
  • They are great tools for exchange of resources, he says.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) saw a sudden surge yesterday. While it could be due to many reasons, it is highly likely that it could be linked to a certain famous celebrity who helped draw some light to it. 

In detail, ‘The Matrix’ star, Keanu Reeves, a beloved celebrity among the collective public, spoke up for Bitcoin. Specifically, he says that Bitcoin (BTC) is a great tool for exchange of resources. He also adds that by criticising the asset, the crypto simply, only becomes better.

As we can see from the tweet above, the response from the Twitter community in the Twitter space was very bright. Many chose to comment and make responses using lines from the Matrix. For example, one really called him ‘The one’. Meanwhile, another says he has truly broken free of the Matrix. 

Others go on to encourage Keanu Reeves to embrace other popular cryptocurrency like Monero. Another response highlights how Reeves did not say Bitcoin (BTC), but rather he says that cryptocurrency is a good tool. 

It is important to remember that Bitcoin (BTC) is what led the cryptocurrency change. Therefore, without the presence of Bitcoin (BTC), we could not have any other cryptocurrency that followed.  

To highlight, Reeves said he is a fan of the principle behind independent currency. He certainly called them an amazing tool for exchanges and distribution of resources. Lastly, he said that all the hub-bub around these digital assets will only call for more ways to safeguard their use. Thus, making them mainstream assets. 

The John Wick star even went on to confirm that he finds it interesting how the implications of digital art technologies like AI and NFTs could help people grow by using them as tools. He even goes on to talk about how this will prevent replicating original content and even shared his thoughts on the Metaverse.

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