Court Encourages SEC and Binance US to Work Together

Binance US Suspends USD
  • Judge encourages SEC and Binance US to work together during Monday’s hearing.
  • SEC asked to narrow its request for information from Binance US.
  • Binance US advised to provide additional details about its custody solution.

In a hearing on Monday, the judge chose not to make a decisive ruling against either the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Binance US. Instead, both parties were encouraged to work collaboratively to resolve their disagreements. The judge requested that the SEC narrow down its request for information from Binance and that Binance, in turn, provide more detailed information regarding its custody solution.

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This comes amidst heightened scrutiny of cryptocurrency exchanges and financial activities within the United States. Regulatory concerns have been a point of contention between various exchanges and the SEC, and the judge’s decision seems aimed at facilitating a more cooperative and transparent exchange between the two parties.

The SEC was specifically asked to focus its information request to make it easier for Binance US to comply. On the other hand, Binance US was instructed to be more transparent about its custody solutions, a key issue that has been ambiguous in previous interactions between the company and the SEC.

While the judge’s encouragement for cooperation doesn’t provide a clear direction for the case, it does signify an intention for less adversarial and more collaborative legal processes moving forward. This could potentially be beneficial for the broader cryptocurrency landscape, as clarified regulations and compliance measures could emerge from such collaborative efforts.


In a recent hearing, the judge encouraged the SEC and Binance US to work together, asking the SEC to narrow its information requests and Binance to provide more details about its custody solutions. This could be a positive step towards resolving ongoing regulatory challenges in the crypto industry.

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