CEO Ken Griffin Calls Out FTX For ‘Trump Lose’ Section

  • FTX’s TRUMPLOSE Token Isn’t Proof of an FTX-Democrat-Ukraine Conspiracy.
  • Sam was the second biggest donor of the Democratic candidates.
  • It seems odd that the token appeared on FTX’s balance sheet.

The CEO and creator of Citadel, Ken Griffin, referred to the demise of FTX as a “travesty”. He also criticized Sam Bankman-Fried, who founded the company, for his peculiar ties to the Democratic Party.

“You know, on the balance sheet at FTX there’s a line that says ‘Trump Lose,’” Griffin said during an interview. This happened at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum on Tuesday. He added;

And Sam was the second biggest donor of the Democratic candidates.

The interviewer asked the audience to make their own judgments after Griffin let his claim linger in the air.

The worth of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, was in the high billions. This was before a government inquiry into the company was started in early November

It is alleged that Bankman-Fried transferred $10 billion in assets belonging to his customers from the platform to his trading company, Alameda Research. Afterward, the firm had a liquidity difficulty that compelled FTX to declare bankruptcy.

“Those are really, really, ugly facts when you see a fraud of this nature having played and you find no regulators were there to prevent it. That’s a really, really tough story,” Griffin concluded in the clip.

Sam Bankman-Fried has lost his favor and emerged as the biggest villain in the world of cryptocurrency.  The presence of a coin named TRUMPLOSE is the topic of discussion on Twitter and in the conspiracy theory industry complex. On the balance sheet of the business SBF formerly managed, this token is still present.

It seems odd that this token appeared on FTX’s balance sheet especially considering how illiquid it is right now and how long ago the election was. The reason is far more commonplace, much to the disappointment of those wearing tinfoil hats: TRUMPLOSE is essentially a leftover from a prediction market the exchange launched in 2020.

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