Bullish VET Price Predictions Emerge as VeChain Energy Consumption of 0.04% Revealed, Will VET Hit $3 This Cycle?

  • VeChain unveils that its blockchain uses 0.04% energy compared to other blockchains.
  • The blockchain remains true to its title of green and sustainable blockchain power.
  • Amidst this reveal crypto analysts make bullish price predictions for native token VET.

VeChain proudly shares its energy consumption rate as compared to other blockchains. To put it in figures, VeChain consumes only 0.04% of energy compared to other blockchains, truly giving the network its title of sustainable and green blockchain.

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As explained above, VeChain mentions that this energy consumption made by VeChainThos’s annual energy consumption is equal to that of driving one gasoline-powered car for a year. Truly a magnificent feat for blockchain sustainability.

This makes VeChain a most-efficient blockchain compared to its competitors in the sector. Paired with this, VeChain’s network is secure and fast. Thus, the project is primed for the digital-sustainability revolution.

Amid this incredible reveal, VET holders are all excited to see this success reflect on the VeChain native token (VET). When will VET beat its old ATH of $0.277, and when it does, as many analysts believe, how high will the value of VET go?

One popular crypto analyst, Egrag Crypto, shares his analysis on where the price of VET will go this bull cycle. In particular, he believes that the VET price has the potential to soar by 2 or 3 times its previously set ATH of $0.277.

If this is true, then the price of VET this cycle top could go to $0.554 or $0.831. Having said that, Egrag Crypto says he expects VET will surge to Fibonacci levels between 1.414 and 1.618. He ends his discussion saying VET can unlock one’s financial chains.

Responses to the tweet are even more bullish than the prediction made. For instance, one believes that VET price has the potential to go to $1.6 while another thinks VET cycle top price could hit $2.4 or even $3.

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