Bitcoin Races Ahead, Grows Faster Than the Internet

  • The rate of Bitcoin (BTC) adoption is much faster than that of the Internet. 
  • We have moved from a web2 to a web3 world, the latter is growing much faster. 
  • The Internet debuted in the 1950’s, Bitcoin in 2009, the latter grew much faster.

The crypto Twitter space is gushing once again from a Bitcoin chart. This time the chart is drawing comparison to Bitcoin (BTC) and the Internet. It seems that the charts don’t lie and Bitcoin has grown much faster than the Internet.

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way. It has gone from a value so low to a value that can now make financial freedom an attainable goal for the masses. The technology behind Bitcoin also sparked innovation in multiple industries. 

Meanwhile, the Internet was invented in the 1950’s. Back then it was restricted to US military use alone. Eventually, it became open to the public, who then upgraded its capability and potential to what became Web 2.0.

Now, with blockchain technology, we have entered the Web 3.0 era. Indeed, the Internet has come a long way since its debut. However, its adoption and growth has taken much longer than that of Bitcoin (BTC).   

Recently, more and more countries have begun to show interest in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. So much so that regulators from all over the world have started appointing crypto officials. These officials create relevant laws for regulating crypto services and to safeguard the rights of citizens. 

One such example is how Saudi Arabia appointed its first cryptocurrency chief. In addition, many corporations and countries have seen enthusiastic responses from their users and citizens on crypto adoption. 

For instance, Brazil recently announced hitting their milestone of 1 million Bitcoin and crypto users. Other countries are also joining in on the Bitcoin revolution. To highlight, Bahrain just made the decision to launch Bitcoin payment tests with OpenNode. No doubt the rapid adoption of crypto has indeed surpassed the speed at which the Internet grew. More importantly Bitcoin and cryptos hold monetary value as well. Presently, their standing rivals that of traditional investment assets such as gold

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