Bitcoin Maximalism Is a Religion, Says Former BTC Maxi

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  1. A former Bitcoin maximalist bared reasons for leaving the circle, which he claims to be “full of ideology and lies.”
  2. Crypto lawyer John Deaton invited Michael Saylor to participate in the discussion.
  3. Last year, a similar issue happened around venture capitalist Nic Carter.

Bitcoin maximalism is once again being challenged, as a former Bitcoin maximalist bared reasons for leaving the circle. According to Twitter user named Cano, it has now become a “religion around a piece of software” and is “full of ideology and lies.”

Cano’s arguments revolved around several aspects, including crypto tribalism, greed, stability, and more. He claimed that up to 95% Bitcoin maximalists were only there for the “dream of getting rich.”

The thread received the ire of many Bitcoin maxis, with many resorting to ad hominem. Meanwhile, Crypto lawyer and XRP supporter John Deaton shared the thread inviting MicroStrategy founder and staunch Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor to join in on the discussion.

A similar event happened late last year, only that it involved a high-profile personality like Nic Carter. Back in June, Carter announced that his venture capital firm Castle Island Venture was funding a startup that builds around Ethereum and Solana. BTC Maxis attacked shortly after, expressing their shock to find out Carter was not a maximalist.

Indeed, this came as a surprise since Carter has engaged Bitcoin critics in debates and talked about it often. Fortunately, the issue has died out and Carter’s life is a bit quieter, as far as Bitcoin maximalists are concerned.

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