Bitcoin Halving Eyes Massive Surge Despite Global Inflation

  • 514 days are left before Bitcoin`s halving.
  • The Federal Reserve has established a 2% annual inflation target.
  • Bitcoin is classified as “hard money” in a similar category to gold.

The Bitcoin block reward is set to be cut in half in 514 days. This significant development will make the most widely used digital currency far less inflationary than the majority of existing central bank aims.

The Federal Reserve has established a 2% annual inflation objective. As a result, when Bitcoin halves, it will be below that aim and less likely to cause inflation than the US economy or the goals of the US central bank.

The inflation rate for Bitcoin, determined by dividing the proportion of newly produced coins by the total supply, is now 1.8%4 (p.a.) and is expected to fall following the next halving, which is anticipated to take place around March 2024. Its price is also expected to pump similarly to the other halvings.

Bitcoin may soon turn into a sizable reserve store of wealth due to its shrinking and finite quantity. Over the past 100 years, several charts have shown the epic inflation rate of the US dollar, to which BTC has been compared.

On the other hand, the gold standard is deflationary. With a $7 trillion market valuation, gold has become the world’s reserve asset since it has relatively low inflation.

To hedge against future inflation, investors frequently invest in gold, real estate, commodities, and other physical assets.

Despite global inflation, crypto assets like bitcoin have the potential to grow to stability. Bitcoin price may see a boost in no time as various institutions worldwide continue to adopt it.

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