Binance US Should Buy Out Voyager, Says Voyager Users

  1. Voyager Digital shared its bankruptcy plans.
  2. Many of its users are in favor of these plans.
  3. The majority 97% want Binance US to buy out the firm’s assets.

Binance continues to be the most popular crypto service provider. In light of crypto lending company Voyager Digital’s latest crisis of applying for bankruptcy, Binance steps in as a hero. It seems, Voyager’s own customers want Binance US to buy out Voyager’s assets.

In detail, an overwhelming majority of Voyager’s account holders, amounting to 97%, have shown support for Binance US to purchase the assets of the bankrupt crypto lending firm as part of its restructuring plan. 

The voting was conducted by bankruptcy management firm Stretto, which polled 61,300 account holders. Of that total, 59,183 voted in favor of the proposal, while only 2,117 account holders rejected it. 

According to the tweet above, Voyager shares the poll results on its official Twitter account. The thread goes on to notify the masses that more information will come out on the situation after a hearing on Thursday. 

Binance US had earlier disclosed an agreement to buy Voyager’s assets for $1.02 billion, which aims to return crypto to customers in kind. However, the proposal has faced objections from the Texas State Securities Board, the Department of Banking, the SEC, and the FTC.

It is no secret that the SEC has been on a raging quest to quell all crypto-related services. Its standing in the US is powerful and many crypto-centric businesses within the USA are considering relocating. 

The CEO of Coinbase even made a statement on how the SEC would likely impact new business negatively. Earlier this month, the SEC went after Kraken’s and even set its eyes after Coinbase. 

Presently, it is targeting Binance whilst trying to set a new stack of crypto regulations within the USA. The CEO of Binance, CZ, continues to show no fear and shares his unwavering faith in the crypto industry.

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