Binance Strikes Partnership With Netmarble F&C, Big Plans Ahead

Binance Stikes Partnership With Netmarble F&C, Big Plans Ahead
  • Binance announces a strategic partnership with a gaming company.
  • The company is Netmarble F&C, a subsidiary of Netmarble Corp.
  • Together they have many plans for Binance NFT marketplace and the P2E industry.

The popular crypto exchange company — Binance, is happy to announce its latest partnership. Specifically, Binance signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Netmarble F&C. 

This strategic partnership with a Netmarble Corp subsidiary will work to build a globally renowned Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform. In fact, it will focus on bringing an NFT offering along with the P2E ecosystem. 

In detail, Netmarble F&C is a known game developer. To highlight, the company made ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’ as well as ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’. Now, the partners will work together to elevate the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure along with the BSC Application Side Chain (BAS). 

In fact, Netmarble will have a dedicated private chain to develop on the BSC GameFi sidechain. Accordingly, Netmarble will begin to build GameFi projects that will contribute to the growth of the BSC GameFi ecosystem. 

As another perk of the partnership, Binance and Netmarble are in talks about launching an Initial Game Offering (IGO) via Binance’s NFT marketplace. In addition, they will also plug Netmarble into Binance’s crypto ecosystem, initiate sales of Netmarble game NFT on Binance’s NFT marketplace, and so much more.    

Besides these, the partners also have two other long-term goals in place. Until then, their first move as partners will focus on an NFT presale for ‘Golden Bros’. This game is a casual shooting game made by Netmarble F&C and will run on Binance NFT. 

Sharing her thoughts on the partnership is the Global Head of Binance NFT — Helen Hai,

Netmarble has such an innovative background in the gaming industry and it will be a privilege to work together. Through the partnership, we hope to support Netmarble in building a sustainable and disruptive GameFi ecosystem which extends beyond the gaming entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Netmarble F&C — Seo woo-won, is excited that the partnership with Binance is leading to Netmarble F&C incorporating blockchain technology into its next set of games. 

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