Altcoins 500% Jaw-dropping Surge Crushes BTC. Are You In or Out?

  • FIU, POPK, SQUAWK, MVP, and ORT surge from +100% to +500%
  • The whole crypto market cap amounts to over $1.3 trillion
  • MATIC boost influences other cryptocurrencies
Source: CoinGecko

The cryptocurrency space continues to blow inventors with its aggressive performance. Recently, Polygon shocked the crypto community with its price surge that even outperformed Bitcoin in terms of growth rate. This event spreads like wildfire in the crypto space that motivates other cryptocurrencies. 

As seen in the screenshot above FIU, POPK, SQUAWK, MVP, and ORT are just some of the cryptocurrencies that are taking the market’s center stage. In detail, these altcoins have a 24-hour growth rate from +100% to nearly +500%. 

The exact reason for the surge of these cryptocurrencies is still unknown. However, one thing is for sure, Bitcoin and altcoins are not letting the bears overcome the market. At the time of writing, the whole cryptocurrency market capitalization amounts to over $1.3 trillion with a 24-hour growth rate of +4.3%. 

In other news, Jed McCaleb, one of Ripple’s founders who parted ways with the company, has finally emptied his wallet named Tacostand. Tacostand is very popular among crypto OGs since it contained 9 billion XRP, which McCaleb has been dumping since obtaining his token allocation back in 2014. Now that there is relatively less selling pressure, XRP bulls can now prepare for the long haul. 

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