$500K Donation Fuels 15 New Bitcoin Development Projects

  • The HRF donates over $500,000 to support 15 global Bitcoin projects.
  • Its grants focus on Bitcoin education, Core development, DLCs, and aiding developers.
  • This initiative enhances Bitcoin’s accessibility, security, and global education efforts.

The crypto and Bitcoin community receives blessings in the form of a massive donation. Specifically, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has made a significant philanthropic contribution of over $500,000 to support 15 global Bitcoin projects. 

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These grants are directed towards expanding global Bitcoin education, Core development, Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs), ecash, and assisting developers from oppressive regimes with financial aid for participating in Bitcoin events worldwide.

The grant program comprises seven grants of $50,000 each, five grants of $25,000 each, and three grants of $10,000 each, totaling just over half a million US dollars. HRF’s focus is on projects and contributors from regions like Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

The announcement follows HRF’s launch of a 20 Bitcoin bounty challenge a few months ago, bringing their total contributions to Bitcoin and its development to nearly 40 BTC since July.

The recipients of the grants include individuals and initiatives contributing to Bitcoin Core development, Lightning native stablecoins, Bitcoin mentoring, worldwide education efforts, and more. These grants are designed to enhance Bitcoin’s stability, security, and accessibility while promoting financial freedom.

HRF also plans to provide $10,000 in travel awards to support the attendance of Bitcoin developers from challenging political environments at various events, including conferences in the US, Brazil, and Germany.

Christian Keroles, the Financial Freedom Director for HRF, emphasized the organization’s commitment to advancing financial technology accessibility. He stated that these grants aim to make Bitcoin more accessible globally, particularly for those who need it the most.

The Bitcoin Development Fund remains open year-round, allowing educators, developers, and meetups to apply for funding by submitting proposals to dev.fund@hrf.org. Most of the announced grants have already been disbursed, with the remainder set to be distributed soon.

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