21Shares Introduces Three New Crypto ETPs on Euronext Exchanges

  • 21Shares AG launches three new ETPs, expanding its European lineup to 43 crypto-asset ETPs with over $3.3 billion in total assets.
  • New ETPs: AIMX tracks IMX (blockchain gaming), AINJ tracks INJ (DeFi), and ASUI tracks SUI.
  • 21Shares’ new ETPs offer investors exposure to innovative blockchain ecosystems: Immutable, Injective, and Sui.

21Shares has recently introduced three new ETPs on the Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam markets. The 21Shares Sui Staking ETP (ASUI), the 21Shares Injective Staking ETP (AINJ), and the 21Shares Immutable ETP (AIMX) are the new additions. 

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With these new offerings, the business now offers 43 crypto-asset ETPs in Europe, handling assets valued at over $3.3 billion. The 21Shares Immutable ETP (AIMX) is intended to monitor the performance of IMX, a leading blockchain gaming platform. With more than 200 games built on the blockchain and a plethora of NFT marketplaces, Immutable is causing a major change in the gaming industry.

Developers and gamers can enjoy a low-cost and simple ecosystem that goes beyond Ethereum’s limitations. Its market position is improved through partnerships with major players like Ubisoft, which appeals to investor interest.

The 21Shares Injective Staking ETP (AINJ) monitors the performance of INJ and reinvests staking yields to enhance the ETP’s performance. The Injective Protocol provides the way for several financial products and services by facilitating interactions over large networks.

21Shares Sui Staking ETP (ASUI) adopts the market value of SUI and is backed by SUI tokens. Sui is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain driven by Proof of Stake that aims to minimize latency in smart contract setup, achieve instantaneous settlement, and handle large transaction volumes.

21Shares is dedicated to connecting investors with cutting-edge blockchain ecosystems, and these new offerings are indicative of its commitment. These releases are part of 21Shares’ ongoing effort to broaden its crypto asset ETP offerings to encompass three state-of-the-art blockchain ecosystems.

The inclusion of AIMX, AINJ, and ASUI in 21Shares’ product group represents an important boost of the company’s offerings in the European market. 21Shares is firmly establishing itself as a top provider of crypto ETPs in Europe along with its ongoing innovation and product range expansion.

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