US and South Korea Alarmed by North Korea’s IT Deployment for Arms Funding

  1. North Korea is increasing efforts to send IT workers overseas to fund its weapons programs through cybercrimes.
  2. US and South Korean officials foresee this trend to escalate as North Korea’s borders potentially open up after Covid lockdown.
  3. The situation is expected to worsen, with IT being a growth industry and a lucrative revenue generator for the DPRK.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is reportedly intensifying its efforts to position its information technology (IT) workforce in overseas markets as reported by Bloomberg. This move is believed to be an attempt to finance its weaponry programs, primarily through the execution of cybercrimes, according to US and South Korean representatives.

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The officials forecast an upsurge in this trend, given the potential loosening of North Korea’s strict Covid-related border restrictions. “As the DPRK considers opening its borders, the dispatching of additional laborers to various parts of the globe could serve as a significant revenue source,” stated Jung Pak, the US deputy special representative for North Korea.

Analysts are concerned about the situation’s escalating severity, with the IT sector emerging as a booming industry in North Korea. The increased IT presence in global markets could exacerbate cybersecurity threats, raising international alarm over North Korea’s covert strategy for arms funding.

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