Tether Fuels Crypto Momentum in Georgia with CityPay.io Investment

  1. Tether is enhancing its presence in Georgia by investing in payment processing company CityPay.io.
  2. Georgia’s crypto-friendly environment is amplified by Tether’s strategic partnership with CityPay.io.
  3. Tether’s investment marks a milestone in Georgia’s payment processing industry, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

Tether, the renowned company behind the largest stablecoin, recently unveiled its intensified presence in Georgia through a strategic investment in CityPay.io, a top-tier payment processing platform with an extensive presence in over 600 locations nationwide. This move contributes significantly to the swiftly burgeoning crypto enthusiasm in Georgia, a country renowned for its crypto-friendliness.

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Georgia, with a current cryptocurrency ownership rate of 2.89%, is experiencing a steep upward trend in cryptocurrency acceptance. This escalating demand has been met with a proliferation of 130 crypto ATMs in major cities. Georgia’s remarkable crypto readiness was acknowledged in July 2022 by Forex Suggest, ranking it fourth among the world’s most crypto-ready nations.

CityPay.io, already providing unrivaled payment experiences to numerous businesses, including Wendy’s and Radisson Hotels, expects a surge in efficiency and convenience from Tether’s investment. This alliance marks Tether as the pioneer stablecoin to invest in CityPay.io, which is anticipated to fuel CityPay.io’s expansion and service improvement plans. This investment is set to enhance the customer experience across Georgia and CIS.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting Tether’s commitment to innovative and accessible financial systems. Similarly, Eralp Hatipoglu, CityPay.io’s CEO, hailed the union, confident of the growth and innovation it promises for Georgia’s payment sector.

This inaugural investment in CityPay.io signals Tether’s growing influence in Georgia, underscoring its dedication to innovation and efficiency in the payment industry. Tether anticipates further strategic moves in the state’s vibrant crypto sector.

Future of USDT

Tether (USDT) continues to showcase its resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving crypto space. Its strategic investments and partnerships signal a future of growth and innovation. 

As the dominant stablecoin, it is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance, fostering wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies. This promising trajectory suggests a bright future for USDT, one that sees it taking the lead in shaping an inclusive and efficient digital financial ecosystem.

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