Iran Resumes Granting Cryptominer Licenses

Iran`s minister for industries is now authorized to resume issuing crypto mining licenses. The central bank of Iran had earlier banned crypto trading in the country. Iran has issued more than 1,000 permits for cryptocurrency mining. According to local media, Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade, Reza Fatemi Amin, claimed his department is now authorized to resume issuing permits for cryptocurrency mining. During a meeting last week, the Iranian government adopted a set of “complete and precise” crypto rules that include guidelines for mining. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, so are the restrictions that have been put in

Kraken Accused of Violating U.S. Sanctions In Iran

Foreign Assets Control has been investigating Kraken. U.S. crypto exchange Kraken faces U.S. sanctions. Possible fines for violating the sanctions. In recent reports, crypto exchange platform Kraken is under federal investigation for potentially violating U.S. sanction laws. The exchange platform allowed users in Iran and elsewhere to potentially buy and sell digital currency. In a recent tweet by the Wu Blockchain, Kraken is suspected of allowing users to buy and sell digital assets in sanctioned countries like Iran. The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is investigating the platform, and they could face fines for violating the sanctions.

Iran Resumes Crypto Mining in September
Bitcoin Regains $50K Foothold As Iran Resumes Crypto Mining in September

Iran will approve crypto mining in September. The lifting of the ban will only be for approved crypto mining firms. Meanwhile, Bitcoin price has reached $50,000 again. Bitcoin price is back at $50,000, amid recent news that Iran is undergoing preparations to approve crypto mining activities of authorized miners possibly in September. The announcement was made by Tavanir, the country’s foremost energy corporation.  Previously, the country banned crypto mining even for firms that have received approval from the government. According to the country’s leadership, this was due to power issues given the energy sucked by crypto mining farms for their

Crypto Mining Ban Tightens in Iran
Crypto Mining Ban Tightens in Iran as BTC Price Suffers

Iran continues the cracking down of crypto mining facilities The Iranian authorities have seized a total of 7000 mining computers The hunt for crypto mining farms continues. Aside from China, other countries like Iran are also cracking down crypto mining facilities. As a result, the Iranian police have seized 7000 mining computers in the west capital of the country. This movement has been made to prevent the power shortage in Iran in the peak summer months. Furthermore, the ban will last until September 22. However, this movement by the authorities gathered mixed opinions in the country. There are people who