Brazil Surpasses 1M Bitcoin And Crypto Users
Brazil Surpasses 1M Bitcoin And Crypto Users

For the first time, more than 1 million people in Brazil use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular. Crypto adoption at large has seen a surge in 2022. Brazil has seen a surge in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption over the past year, with the number of users now surpassing 1 million for the first time. This data comes from a new report from the South American country’s tax authority, Receita Federal, which showed that 1.33 million Brazilians made crypto purchases in July, 68% more than in June. The researchers only included crypto purchases made

Bank Santander to Offer Crypto Trading to Brazil

Santander is one of the largest banks in the world. Santander has been at the forefront of blockchain and crypto adoption. Brazil’s central bank is preparing to launch its own digital currency, the Brazilian Real (BRL). Spanish banking multinational Santander plans to offer crypto trading to its clients in Brazil in the coming months, Santander Brazil CEO Mario Leao said on Thursday. The move would make Santander the first major bank to offer such services in Brazil. Leao said that the bank is “studying” the possibility of offering crypto trading to its clients, but did not give a timeline for

Big Brazil Equities Broker Offers BTC and ETH Trading Services

One of Brazil’s renowned equities brokers has joined the Bitcoin (BTC) revolution. XP Inc will soon offer Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) crypto trading services. The offer will be available to clients from mid-August, more assets will join by 2022 end. Brazil joins the Bitcoin revolution as one of the biggest Brazilian equities brokers — XP Inc, made a huge decision. In detail, XP Inc will soon offer its customers the chance to trade Bitcoin (BTC). To highlight, it will start with 3.6 million customers in August.  To begin, the Brazilian brokerage will open its digital trading platform by initially

Brazil’s Nubank Welcomes Over 1M Crypto Users Within a Month

Brazil’s Nubank now has over 1 million crypto users on its platform.  This influx of crypto users came in just one month after opening crypto trades on the app. More financial firms are offering crypto-driven services in the nation. Brazil continues to impress the crypto industry by making headlines. The latest of which is about its increasingly popular neobank — Nubank. To highlight, Nubank is now home to over 1 million crypto users.  This is great news for the neobank, especially since it only just launched its Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trading services to its clients only a month ago.

Facebook May Launch a Crypto Exchange in Brazil
Facebook May Launch a Crypto Exchange in Brazil

Facebook’s parent company Meta has filed a trademark registration in Brazil. The request mentioned Bitcoin and possibly a crypto wallet app. Some entities in the crypto space went so far as to interpret the platform as some form of a crypto exchange. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is allegedly launching its own cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil. According to a Brazil-based cryptocurrency news site, Meta has filed a registration request to Brazilian authorities. In fact, the source said that Meta filed the trademark registration back in December 2021. Also, the 90-day period for public contention has begun.  Bitcoin was mentioned in the

Brazil National Football Federation to Launch NFT
Brazil National Football Federation to Launch NFT Fan Token

Brazil’s official football organization announced it will launch its own NFT tokens. Pre-sale and trading dates are yet to be determined. Prior to the deal, Bitci has already signed partnerships with other sports organizations. Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF), the official football organization of Brazil, has recently partnered with Turkish blockchain firm Bitci. The partners will enable CBF to create official NFT fan tokens for the country’s national football teams. According to Sport Business, the collaborators will still be determining the pre-sale and trading dates of the said tokens. Also, CBF plans to list the tokens on different exchanges in