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Bitcoin Bottom Indicators Predicts the Bottom Is in

The crypto community gets 9 detailed charts that suggest the place of the Bitcoin bottom. The Bitcoin bottom seems to be in according to the majority of Bitcoin bottom indicators.  While the majority point to the bottom being in, there are some indicators saying not yet. According to one Bitcoin enthusiast, there are many ways to predict the price behavior of Bitcoin. The analyst goes on to list 9 possible Bitcoin bottom indicators to predict whether the Bitcoin bottom is finally in.  In detail, a user shared their Bitcoin bottom prediction on the Reddit CryptoCurrency thread. In response, many are

How To Make a Profit From the Upcoming Ethereum Fork

The day of the Ethereum merge is getting closer.  Traders are looking for ways to profit during the shift from PoW to PoS consensus.  One trader in particular shares their experience on how to profit during the fork. An experienced crypto trader explains how it is possible for other crypto traders to make a decent profit from the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) fork. The trader shares their experience from the original Bitcoin (BTC) fork and how they made a profit then.  In detail, the trader shares their excitement over the Ethereum (ETH) fork. They begin by expressing how there is serious